Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tracing back our roots..

I had recently been to my wife's ancestral village in Pallipuram and realised that they are amongst the very few "villages" left in the true "gramam" style (I hope I am wrong here).

The link describes in how these gramam's are by style. In a nut shell there are two rows of houses on either sides and in the middle is the temple (mostly at the end of the houses or at the middle).

These temples hosts lot of functions/festivities and see big involvement by the villagers and there in lies the serenity and the atmosphere - as they call it in cricket parlance and of course our heritage.

There are similar other villages close by like Kalpathy, Noorni and others. Kalpathy - of course has been declared as a Heritage village but I believe much needs to be done. These villages are now being steadily changed thanks to real estate prices. As one enters into the Noorni gramam - one is greeted by concrete villas as opposed to the earlier gramam style houses.

Builders are now offering river view flats in Kalpathy - interestingly these gramam's were always by the river side !!

My wife's grand parents sold their house in Pallipuram, My neighbors grandparents sold theirs in Kalpathy and my own grand parents sold theirs as well.

Whatever the compulsions behind each of these sell-offs (high maintainence costs, need for money et al) what is true for sure is that our next gen have lost the roots. When you want to show your next gen - the roots of their grandparents - we will have nothing to show - and they will have no clue where they came from.

Shouldn't we (our gen) be doing something about it, other than just sit back and think about it. Perhaps we could all see to it that preserve it as well as we can...and there are some ideas on how to do it...

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Anonymous said...

well, just the side effects of globalization.. roots, culture ancestral homes etc will be sucked into thin air..and why would the next gen ever be interested in knowing about the artifacts of their ancestors? nonsense ;)