Thursday, January 03, 2008

Heard on the street

Quite literally. This time from an auto driver with whom I happened to talk about the traffic in Bangalore. The talk meandered as the auto did, from traffic to, the increase in traffic, to the lack of development and the general ignorance of rules (even as he broke a few.).

Then it went on to politics and this guy was wishing fervently that the JD(S) family party in Karnataka does not come to power. He was also quite categorical in saying that nobody will vote for them after what happened in Gujarat and Himachal. Pretty informed guy I thought.

Of course, he was just one auto driver - and he was also a professional driver - a rare species in Bangalore, but having said that, I haven't heard such vociferous opinion on the street in a while. A harbinger of things to come?

Update: A report in the Indian express with results from a CNN IBN programme. (I think this is the attempt by media to now lionise Modi instead of vilifying him and then hope he falls, but if true, its interesting.)

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