Thursday, January 24, 2008

Swalpa Adjust maadi

The cab strike in Bangalore brought out a thought. We are good at adjusting. Indeed, if I may say it so, we are the best in the world. But the fact that we are good at adjusting has a good and bad side. On the one hand it helps us work through constraints, rules, but it also makes us try less for perfection. Confused?

Swalpa adjust maadi, or in Indian English, "Kindly adjust" is perhaps our second biggest phrase, after the ubiquitous Chalta hai. Between these two phrases, one thing really leads to the other.

The adjusting mentality ensures that nothing, almost nothing is perfect and you get used to getting everything in a less than perfect condition and you adjust. If the salt in food is a bit more, if the roads are a bit bad, if the cellphone reception is a bit below par, indeed even if the quality of anything is sub par, nobody expects to be "penalised". We are all adjusting, aren't we, in a less than perfect world one way or other?

Therein, comes the second part, chalta hai. If it works or helps you gets by then it should be fine. So, if the salt is just a bit more or if the roads are a bit bad or if the cellphone reception is a bit bad that you have to stand out on the parapet to talk, or if the quality is just a bit bad so what? Chalta hai na?. Remember, I am working under far from perfect conditions, after so many adjustments?

Its a thought that is work-in-progress, perhaps a longer post for some other time.


Anonymous said...

very true, what we call as our strenght is our ability to be flexible and versatile whihc invariably results in less than perfect or even good work.

Kavi said...

Adjust maadi !!!

And that word has come to mean a whole lot of sweeping under the carpet with the dust seen through !

niti bhan said...

ah I"ve not heard that request since leaving bangalore eons ago! how true, adjust and accept are two pillars of daily life in our crowded subcontinent

Swapna said...

Pretty valid point.

Satyanarayana rao said...

One oppositve view to this, if you donot wish to adjust, you got to pay for it. Meaning, if you wish to go in the bus, you hv to adjust. But u want to be better off, then u hv option of going on ur own vehicle, which means additioanal cost or additional earnings to support. Which again translates to additional effort. One should hear the motivational talk of Mr.Santosh Nair. If we do what we like to we will be where we are now! But if we do what we not like to, but is essential for growing or developing then, we will be the few who reach or achieve their goals. Like getting up early in the morning, how many wish to do it, but those who aim big, do it with a clear focus. So, we hv to outgrow this 'adjust maadi' thoght process, and develop as better individual, then if everyone does it, then benchmark also rises automatically.
The change will be visible for sure. One should not only read the fiction books like 'The monk who sold his Ferrari' but also follow it for one's own development and also for others.