Monday, February 11, 2008

Buy it in pieces

The i-pod and other mp3 players are becoming the new music systems or, rather, their drivers. Imagine a music system driven by a small mp3 player. Imagine the music industry driven by an mp3 player. This has been happening for a few years now, but now it seems to be "the" direction (and I seem to have got it only now).

As I strolled by a shop yesterday, I noticed that there were very few of those old huge music systems on sale. Sure, they were, but in a forgotten corner. The new trend is that of mp3 powered music systems. The music system of today can be composed of a number of small pieces. Start off with an mp3 player, add on speakers (or a dock kind of thing). Need a radio? Add a radio adapter if your player does not have one. The music system in the car seems destined to head in a similar direction. The mp3 player will drive it more than anything else. So, what happens to radios and radio stations?

Whoever could have imagined that the ipod could spawn such an ecosystem around it? Now as the ipod and the phone converge as they have, is that another intersection? The phone and ipod are as personalized as they can get.

Now that music systems have disintegrated, how long before TVs become passe. No, I dont mean televisions, but television networks.

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bHu$hIr said...

Bmw's have an iPod jack on the dashbaord. When German engineering bows down before a 3 inch device (or less) one can imagine the phenomenon these cutie pies have created. Heck! I'm posting this comment on an iPod Touch right now. Crazy ain't it??