Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Karnataka terror

The unfolding continues unabated. As the terror investigation picks up various threads, an interesting angle is emerging. Gods own country at this rate could very well become terrors own country - that is one troubling, though not entirely unanticipated aspect. Here, we have one chap, who was from Kerala, working at an MNC here and stole data and set up a company in Dubai using that.

His resume reads like a good resume for any IT hire: passed out of NIT Calicut, worked for Tata Infotech (now TCS) and GE - until this blot. Scary for recruiters.

It inks a gory tapestry. The recent arrests were from medical colleges, people working in respectable occupations - like IT and there is no saying where it will end. Whatever it does, it does immense damage to reputations - industry and communities alike.

The scare around data theft is very real. It could well become a bigger issue than it already is while outsourcing work to India (or any other place for that matter). Companies already do background investigations of many people they hire, now a police investigation may become mandatory. The police have already sounded out colleges, the next will be companies.

More than talent shortage, terror is a bigger threat to the industry. (On the flip side, there seems to be no "talent" shortage in the terror industry.)

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