Monday, February 11, 2008

Tata Nano and the butterfly effect

Wired has a report on it, via TPWS.

I dont know what to say. Some people are still crying out from their rooftops about the so called bad effects of the Nano. Surely, there are tonnes of good effects of Hummers and SUV's. The solution is to replace the Hummers with Nanos and not replace Nanos with 'no"things.

And in India, what else could theoretically be available at a price point of a lakh. Second hand vehicles. Exactly what the world recommends for us! Fortunately, partly due to regulations, however old and partly due to our driving on the left side of the road we still do not import tons of fuel guzzling second hand vehicles.

For all those who are crying out ho(a)rse, the Nano is an idea whose time has come, so please do not spend your time and thoughts cranking out thoughts like this.

Unrelated thought: I saw a picture of Mr. Pachauri presenting a solar lantern to the PM recently. The solar lantern will take a few generations to offset the emissions that were created in the process of its journey to the PM, surely.

To use an old Bambaiya term, "tera khoon khoon, apna khoon paani?"


venkatramanan said...

Not sure whether you have noticed from this. Dev from AdventNet (my colleague) reports (

2002 maruti 800 old price 1.1 lakh - now available for 75,000
2003 wagonr old price 2.13 - now available for 1.8
2003 santro old price 2 laksh - now available for 1.65
2004 alto old price 1.35 - now available for 1.1

ggop said...

I think one of the commenters in response to the Wired article highlighted an important point - the US has historically enjoyed the cheapest gasoline and now has to compete for it with the developing world.

Didn't Dubya get a polite refusal on per barrel price reduction of oil by the Saudi minister for petroleum recently?