Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Increasing efficiency

Mumbai style. The bus conductor distributes tickets before the bus arrives at the depot. A smart way to quicken turnaround times.

Arguably, the best bus service in the country, BEST has always been efficient, far better than any service than I have seen anywhere. In Bangalore (with its Silicon city tag) they dont have a system better than shouting for communicating between driver and conductor even as of 2008. A simple bell system is beyond them. The ticket punching system in Mumbai which indicates the stage a passenger boards and alights is simply superb. The day pass system introduced in Mumbai looks like a regular ticket - and has the same punching system.

And it has kept pace with the times. Smart cards (and portable card readers for the conductors), passes and even better buses including air conditioned services.

If only other bus services in the country could learn from the BEST...


Information Junkie said...

BEST is also going green. Not the transportation part, but the electricity generation and distribution part. CNG is quite common on BEST buses.

The Revolutionist said...

Move your eyes out of Mumbai....

Come to Kerala...u can see electronic ticket vending machine with all KSRTC conductors....even in private bus in village you will find electric bussers way back in 1990s

What about the Metro ticket venders in Dilli? Best!

Edgar Dantas said...

hey niec post cng is very commonly used in best buses and distrubution of electricity etc
with regards
edgar dantas