Monday, March 24, 2008

Mineral water paani puri

Who has not heard of paani puri, the ubiquitous dish of Mumbai alongwith the iconic Bhelpuri and its ilk? Back in the 90s, the popularity of this dish was under immense attack with the scare around water borne diseases. So, what did these hawkers/hoteliers do? Simple, switched to mineral water. And renamed it Mineral water paani puri or Bisleri paani puri. Of course, it added to their margins, but it brought more customers since they could now be sure of the hygiene around it, atleast relatively.

Morning walkers like a glass of herbal juices - ergo, a whole platoon of herbal juice suppliers have mushroomed all across the country where you have people walking in the morning. Come rain, summer or winter, they are there with a small table and various herbal concoctions for the walkers. The prices are pretty steep, but there is a big market for them. The early bird does get the morning walkers, indeed. Until then, there was nothing one could sell to morning walkers, but hey, there are out there, a market, until someone figured what they need.

Out on the streets, innovating in ways like this is commonplace. Various dishes like this keep emerging at the food and street level. Each vendor tries to do something different and keep his clientele happy. Almost every gulli has a special food vendor who is well known for something special he does with his or her food and keeps his or her clientele happy.

Now if only some bigger organizations learnt to do the same...

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