Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shashi Tharoors Eureka moment

Of course, it is not entirely his eureka moment, but I wonder what the authors of the study were smoking when they came up with this amazing correlation. Why some engineers become terrorists?

Now this whole hypothesis is nothing short of amazing, nearly pukeworthy. By this correlation there are other possibilities, may I suggest Mr. Tharoors to look for some other common factors (superset, subset, whatever) for which one does not require an engineering degree, just an open pair of eyes and an reasonably active brain...

Also towards the end of the piece, the amazing solution to rid the world of terrorists, therefore, is,
Perhaps the solution lies in making it compulsory for every engineering student to take at least 20% of his courses in the humanities. Problem solved...


Nikhil Narayanan said...

This is a stupid piece from Tharoor.
Insane logic

The Revolutionist said...

Don't keep yourself closed...there is truth in Taroor's writing.

1) People who are above average goes for technical education (on average; ignore the 'reservation')
2)An intelligent man can make intelligent and more successful plots whether right or wrong....this is also problem solving or engineering a soluton
3) Successful people are better known (good or bad ie. famous or notorious!). So even though numerous below average (intelligence) 'terrorists' make plots they rarely become successful and well known.

So the matter fact! Intelligence!

Neelakantan said...

So, therefore non engineers are not intelligent?
Therefore, the author of the said piece, above, is also not intelligent?