Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Appointment, Bangalore style

The normal definition of a medical appointment is that you book a time slot and you get to meet the doctor at the appropriate time. So, you have an appointment at 3, you pretty much walk in at 3. You take an appointment since you dont want to wait in the clinic - sometimes this special service entails a special charge.

But thats not how they do it here, in most of the clinics. I was surprised when I took an appointment a few years back. Not knowing how this worked, I had an appointment at 3 and I walked in at 3, as I am wont to. Only to find another 100 persons with appointments at 3. Wow! So, if you have an appointment at 3, you walk in at 3 and then after that it is "first come first serve" or "most influenced, first serve" or thereabouts. The whole purpose of taking an appointment is defeated. Of course, it must be mentioned here that there is no special charge for this appointment, but the whole thing, is why call it an appointment at all?


Sanket said...

Don't you see the point? The appointment tells you at what time you should start waiting in the queue. Without an appointment, how would you know?

Kavi said...

Appointment or dis-appointment !! Swalpa adjust maadi will work here ! In the days of net meetings, and net appointments, these are gross disappointments !!

a fan said...

this is exactly the problem in our country !!!

infact i had a doctor's appointment at 11:57am on monday.(even got an sms reminder) Went there and waited for 15 mts.

but if we point out, people ask us why we take these things so seriously and point us that we are not in a perfect world!

so adjustment is the way of life :)