Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am busy, I am important

Once upon a time, I had a boss (Good or bad, I learnt a lot. Sometimes you learn what to do, sometimes, it is what not to do). He had this style of picking up the phone and answering it. He would pick up the phone and just before he said hello into the receiver, he would mention something (anything, but an inconsequential word or two) to the person in the room at that time, audible enough for the caller to hear. (I strongly believe he did that even if there was no one in the room.) The intent? To signal to the caller, that he was busy (or "working").

There was another chap I knew, who would carry a laptop bag to all places he went. I knew he had no laptop. Why carry a laptop bag when all you really have is a lunch box inside? The intent? I am an important person - I have a laptop.

Sometimes people need to boost their ego. But it only works a few times and works with chaps who don't know you and these tricks. Once they do, the perceived boost becomes zero, probably negative. You are seen as a fake.

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