Sunday, April 20, 2008

Karnataka polls 2

As the Karnataka polls draw nearer, I see a big difference this time on the ground. This started off as a comment at The Examined Life, but I think its worth a thought here.

Coming close on the heels of the delimitation exercise, is a growing awareness among the IT class - the so called privileged class in the city. Let the words privileged class not fool you. There is not a single section in the city which has not benefited from the IT influx, regardless of what charlatans may have you believe. From the auto drivers to land owners to landlords of decrepit properties to owners to shady eateries and maids, gardeners and drivers, the boom has benefited every single person.

Over the last 5 years, the IT class has also found itself hit where it hurts most. And I dont mean salaries. I mean quality of life. The traffic situation in the city goes from bad to worse and worser every few days and just when you think it cant get worse, it does. The water situation here is pretty grim too. Electricity, well, it is only thanks to generators that electricity is available continuously.

The past 5 years have also seen perhaps the dirtiest politics in Karnataka. So, this time around the IT class will make its voice heard. This is what I have gathered from my interactions with many people. The turnout here, I think will be really high this time and there will be many "new" voters here. People who migrated from other cities here and they I think will make a difference than they ever did. So, parties which are still thinking 2 rupee rice and TVs might want to pitch for a better Bangalore if they want their votes...


Sahodaran said...

you gotta be kidding!

am bored reading dilbert and drinking coffee so lets do a little math.
what is the percentage of bangalore's assembly constituencies to that in whole karnataka?
18/224= 8 percent or so.

bangalore has about 5 million population. out of that IT guys? max 1 million?

given your optimism, what is the max percentage of them that's going to vote?

total polling percentages are usually less than 70%, so for IT guys, 50% is very very optimistic. so, half a million out of 5 million? 10 % ?

(forget for now the fact that IT guys are concentrated in the South and South East ends of the city- Koramangala etc- and not gonna get out of their office to go and vote at malleswaram etc)

so. bangalore has only 8 percent of total assembly seats, and IT guys that vote will make only 10 % of the total people- for the 8% of total seats in karnataka

10% of 8% is less than one percent. you think this less than 1% is gonna make significant changes to the political plank?

kidding eh? typical IT guy :)

Neelakantan said...

wow - you blew me away :)

Kavi said...

I like your optimism and Sahodran's logicism ( if there was a word like that ) !

We wish things were different. we wish we are heard. we wish...and we do do a few things too !!

But its like asking a tailender to finish the match when the asking rate is way too high, on a wrong pitch with a fiery bowler and a partisan crowd !