Thursday, April 24, 2008

Karnataka polls contd

Ashok Kheny, the man behind the BMIC Bangalore Mysore highway that is somewhere in between is in the process of educating voters to vote for national parties, not regional parties. Great.  

The BJP, meanwhile has launched a Vote BJP, Save BJP Bangalore campaign and has got into the act of promising 2 rupee a kilo rice for the poor. This follows close on the heels of the Congress promising 2 rupee a kilo rice. People, how about free rice? 

Atleast the BJP promises development. The JD (S) - I have not heard them promise anything, but by now, nobody will believe their promises. Their sole promise premise is self preservation and family preservation and they will surely promise joint development. (pun intended) The Congress, well, they are busy too.

Meanwhile,a  look at the assets of some of the politicians tells you why politics is so much better than any other career option. More here and here

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