Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shashi Tharoor discovers the cellphone

He left the shores of the country in 1975 and now that he is back, he discovers that the idiots he left behind use cellphones very well. The column is basically a pitch for his book, but it is a good lesson on how to write a piece for any phoren publication. 

Coming after last weeks Eureka moment when he managed to convince himself that he would have been a terrorist had he taken that engineering seat he nearly missed, this is momentous. At least this one is true...

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Venks said...

Ya right Neel...Tharoor came back to find that he's the idot and not the folks he left behind....dunno wat his long stay in India is all about,....after he lost the UN Sec Gen post...he seems to have a new found love for the nation he discarded!!