Saturday, April 19, 2008

So, where is this thought coming from

You have furniture to deliver to a customer. The customer wants his furniture without any glitches - like an unfinished polish job or creaky doors or doors that do not close well or loose handles or badly fitted drawers. In the whole piece of your job, it may be a small thing, but why is that not important?

You have a 1000 incidents to fix. You fixed, 999. You missed 1. Why? "I forgot" or "So what, I delivered 999" are both equally bad excuses.

You have to reach point A from point B. You fixed a price of x rupees. When you reach point B,(which you realise is an airport/hotel) the price is suddenly x plus something else. Why surprise me? 

You fixed a price for something to be done at a house. When you see the house, you decide that the price you quoted was low (because the house surely looks rich), and hence you revise the price. 

You go to a post office or any other place with all the documents that was mentioned. And then, at the last moment, they tell you that there are three other forms, two rubber stamps and one signature that is missing...

I am sure you will agree to any or many of these situations and here is what I refer to as doing a perfect job. No hidden costs. No surprises, atleast unpleasant ones. Which is what triggered of a series of thoughts, here, here and here

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