Friday, April 04, 2008

Wasting time, no papa

"The company has decided to stop newspapers from being kept in the library." Dheeraj smiled as he read the mail.

"It has been observed that many employees spend a lot of time reading newspapers while they ought to be doing work. Also, we found in a survey that we conducted in secret by hiding behind library walls and using Mission Impossible type outfits that it is only a few people who read newspapers here. Most people tend to get newspapers at home. Considering that over 100 years it will save us 7 lakh rupees, we thought it was a good decision from the company perspective"

Dheeraj glanced at the mail and got back to what he was busy with. He had no time for newspapers. His deliverable was nearing the due date and he had to simply finish his work. In any case, this was happening over the last few days. As the dollar fell and the rupee rose, moods fell and tempers rose. First they decided to call people on weekends, then they cut the coffee vending machines, then the airconditioners were switched on every alternate hour. Free stationery was erased and employees had to get their own notepads and pencils.

Dheeraj, nonetheless was at his best. His new boss found him to be a very good employee.

She had recently cracked down on people making and receiving personal calls on their personal mobile phones and landlines. As she walked around if she saw an internet browser opened, she would do the verbal equivalent of taking a sword and cutting of the head of the concerned associate. If people were found at the coffee table as she passed that way, it was sure to figure in their next appraisal. If anybody was absent from their desks for anything longer than a few minutes, a mail would appear asking them of their absence. She was also rumoured to be working on a device that would throw water on people who sat for more than 30 seconds on a toilet seat.

In all this chaos Dheeraj maintained his calm. His feedback contained the words "I see you diligently working at your desk all day long. It is great to see an employee who does not while away his time at the table tennis table, coffee table, loo, library, smoking areas, internet."

"Thanks" was the only thing Dheeraj could add. He felt like a million dollars and a little bit smart at the same time. "I need to hurry", he said, "after all, I have work to do."

He got back to his work. He was busy writing code for an application he was developing for his free lance project that he took out of a website that lets people rent developers.


Preetha Nair said...

:):) matter what ..Dheeraj's will find their way out :):)
wOOOw...we have a name for such boss characters "Hitler"!!!!

"open your mouth - hahahah"

Neelakantan said...

What is amazing is companies still have narrow notions of time wasting at work! Mostly time wasting is a function of lack of sufficient work to do rather than the fact that employees are shirkers.

sushmee badhulika said...

nice post indeed!!
i think every employee in a software firm does aany one or all of these in a cycle...its just that the boss is not always a hitler :)