Monday, May 12, 2008

IPL and bench

This is the second time that Amit Varmas column, has triggered the thought that what is happening in IPL is the similar process that has happened across all liberalized sectors in India.

The first time the thought was triggered, blogger decided to eat my piece up and I lost the thoughts and patience to reconstruct it.

I wanted to draw a parallel between the columns and what happened in IT industry for the employees. What is happening in IPL may or not be replicated in the quota governed model of the national team, but in IPL there is no place for quotas. (Mayawati, heres your chance.) In the national team, it is still not easy to say goodbye to a non performer and until very recently, we thought there was no alternative to Kapil Dev and Gavaskar or even Parthiv Patel. But with IPL, the playing field, has become level. Dhoni and Gony play for Chennai. Yo Mahesh for Delhi and Robin for Mumbai. The war is clearly for talent and performance, not quotas, not politics not conspiracy theories. And we can see three layers deep into the Indian team. Who said we had no fast bowlers or batsmen or fielders?

Before the IT industry came about, India did not have any industry worth its name. Of course, we had SAIL and Telco and Tisco, but the IT industry was really a product of liberalization (1991, credit to which should entirely go to PV Narsimha Rao, especially after seeing Manmohan Singhs current pathetic solo performance). Prior to the IT industry, the only way to get a job was to have "influence" and then there were no real industries; it was all a function of licences and what not. Also, offices were bad smelly places with a mai-baap culture. The big selling point was "I cannot pay you much, but you can learn". The IT industry came along and very rightly, sucked employees of all underpaid industries - including ISRO, HAL and many other places. Many industrialists cried foul, but ultimately, everybody's pay got better. Offices improved, work conditions improved and people began to believe in merit - there are barely any tenure based promotions in the IT industry. If you dont perform you get to say good bye to your job which in a government scenario was next to impossible. Some airlines are still trying to figure out in the courts what is the ideal weight for an air hostess while Kingfisher and Jet seem to have no such problems.

What is happening in IPL is clearly, the liberalization in Indian cricket - (perhaps world cricket as well, but I will let that pass). The argument against IPL is a similar argument we have seen against IT, private banks and we will continue to hear against private agriculture (its not Ravi, he has linked to a piece), until someone breaks the locks.


Paddy said...

IPL - could be the black swan event for cricket. No none has seen it and hence no one believes it.

barbadkatte said...

Watching ICL was when I realized India's bench strength. It was also a revelation to see how so many Indians fielded in a way that would have made Jhonty proud.

BTW it is very insigtful to draw a comparison between '91 and IPL. Good stuff Neel

Deane said...

Isn't BCCI a private entity anyway?

Neelakantan said...

Private, but with a pure sarkari outlook.

Deane said...

Yup, the only way a monopolgy can be sustained - with government intervention.

Kavi said...

The IT industry can be said to be leading the charge & the change. And as sure as hot fire, IT has changed the landscape of corporate India.

But to say that no other industry existed before IT which did not have 'professional' ways of working would be stretching it a little too far i would imagine.

Agreed, these were ( & most still are )non-flashy and just go about making the best use of the available environment and value add in their own ways to the context.

Reading your post, i get a feeling that you are really talking of 'organisations' mentioning them as 'industries'. Given that, i think there have been many an organisation which has given fantasic work environment to its people ( though not as sophisticated as what IT ushered in).

I know and understand your passion for IT. And it sure is an industry which has changed the face of the country. But did none else exist before..well....Oh yes. they did !

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