Tuesday, May 06, 2008

IPL is here to stay

IPL is a success and is here to stay; heres why I think so...
  • Everyday I return from work, I have 3 hrs of power packed intense cricket.
  • The wife doesnt' complain - infact she enjoys it too (or atleast pretends to). Already it has very good TRP's.
  • Whether the cheerleaders get the people to the ground or the stars or the cricket or just the easier availability of tickets - IPL will succeed.
  • For the cricketers - its the best learning ground, to have Ghoni rub shoulders with the Shaun Pollocks of the world is the best work experience one can call for.
  • These domestic cricketers can now claw their way into the Indian team thanks to some good visbility - and actually its performance that will call shots - quotas could take a backseat.
  • IPL success should be owed to ICL - seems like ICL started it off, but IPL has backing of big bucks. What about ICL, well, we will see.
  • Enjoy IPL, let the players make money (Outlook magazine has tried its best to say IPL is not working - but tough luck to Outlook)- I mean it is market forces that determine the pay - any excesses will always result in lower payouts.
  • What Ranji couldnt do, IPL has done it in such a short while - providing exposure to the lesser known cricket stars - and throwing up some real good ones. No more talk of talent shortage in Indian cricket. Finally we have a replacement for everybody!
  • The new formula for IPL success will be - just retired Australian bowlers and a local batting line up. (we will know for sure in the next few weeks)
  • Again, great exposure for International class cricket for our budding stars.
  • Shane Warne!
  • National integration - Dhoni/Goni for Chennai, Uthappa/Harbhajan for Mumbai - it doesnt get better than that. (Btw, wonder what Raj Thakeray thinks of Bhajji for Mumbai?)
More later, after all, theres a match on...


Kavi said...

Vijay Mallya has sacked Charu Sharma. I suspect there will be case studies on IPL matches and the 'evolution' taught in the IIMs..and such other institutes

Neelakantan said...

This is base camp of IPL. Lots more will happen around it as time goes along.

Anonymous said...

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