Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kalyanamantapa to mall

Kalyanamantapas are a symbol of Bangalore as much as anything else that the city stands for. IT, Aerospace, traffic - anything. 

What is a Kalyanamantapa - simply a big piece of land with a space for conducting marriages. It usually has ostentatious staircases, space for customising your wedding, parking, loads of space - the works. 

In these mall-a-mall days, I spotted one of them is being converted to a Reliance Mart. Smart transition considering the space that they have. This one preserves the Kalyana mantapa look outside complete with the curvy staircases. 

What next? A mall where one can get married? 

1 comment:

Kavi said...

Perhaps a mall to have victory celebratioons of one political party over another !

And endless agony continues.

Mall or no mall !