Friday, May 09, 2008

Maratha, Kannada, culture and insecurity

In Uncle, nephew, people, there is a dissection of the MNS, Raj Thakeray phenomenon and how it relates to Marathi speaking people in Mumbai. In Churumuri, is an argument that essentially says, replace Marathi with Kannada and you have the same story

Why should people feel insecure about outsiders - dont they add to the diversity, culture? Take my example. Having spent half a lifetime in Mumbai, I love many things about Mumbai and Maharashtra - including the forts, Shivajis legacies, the plays, the local culture, festivals and the food. Why am I a fan of the state?Because of my cultural exposure. And having spent 8 years here in Bangalore, I am beginning to like Karnataka for a variety of reasons (I hate it for others, but that's mostly political). The history, the food, the culture. I see it as a collective culture.

Why the cultural insecurity of each language, state, heritage? Partly because we dont take pride in our collective Indian heritage, culture. We do not recognize the commonalities. There is nothing to be proud of, say many. One big factor to blame is our education system - the Macaulay education system if you will. As parents we need to ensure that children grow up believing that his culture is in no way inferior to any other culture. So, if people were secure that their culture will grow regardless of who comes in and goes out, this insecurity would not arise. Politicians, as usual, like to feed on insecurities.

Also, nobody - nobody in Mumbai or in Bangalore loses out because they speak a language. In the "new" age, all you need is the language of qualification - by and large. So, using language to blame it is one way - but it is really barking up the wrong tree.  The other thing, in both Mumbai and Bangalore is that outsiders have come in and there are examples of tons of locals, including politicians and businessmen who have made money (subject of a longish post for Bangalore atleast). Somehow, these narrow minded idiots miss that point.

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Kavi said...

what does one make of the hue and cry over Bombay Stock Exchange being pelted with stones so that it reads Mumbai Stock Exchange !

Or the parochial minds of a few in the vast expanse of Bangalore of the immediate past..!

I am not sure if it is language. It perhaps is more of hanging on to some form of money-making / income (through politics) based on anything that is present.

Language is a means ! So is religion. So is..