Sunday, May 25, 2008

When you think small

I began writing this post a while back. When I started writing this it was all about hope. On the eve of the poll results, it is more a satisfied feeling. I have always thought that Karnataka was unlucky in getting a good government - now atleast, there is some chance given that one party can get to a workable majority. 

The last 40 odd months have been Karnatakas worst -whether you see it sitting in Bangalore or anywhere else. All thanks to a few people which was more interested in self and family preservation above ethics and everything else. But today, they have been humbled - by the humble people (not sure why this adjective is never used for the common chap - it is always politicians who are humble). The just daddy and sons party - has been ground into the dust by the people - they still have some 30 odd seats - so that they can continue to call themselves a party. In any case without a tail to wag, they can go about tending their acres, crores, petrol pumps and then some joint development of (sites). 

In the last 40 months, Bangalore nearly got Bangalored. The airport nearly did not take off. The roads were left so that you could not distinguish if there potholes on roads or roads between potholes. Electricity gets switched off every now and then leading you to wonder if genset manufacturers support the government from outside. The water situation is quite bad but water tanker agencies never had it better. The NICE road was held to gunpoint, IT companies were called names (among other things). Encroachers had a field day, land grab and urban planning went for a toss and just about everything that could go wrong, went. 

To the people that I spoke to, the level of indignation among the people of Bangalore - rickshaw drivers to IT company honchos - was high against the JDS for having screwed the city and taken it back by quite a few years. I am glad that it has reflected in the verdict. 

A lesson for the JDS. When you think small - and I do not mean this as a virtue, you will never grow. When you think of serving your own selfish interests only, at some point it will catch up with you. The JDS was hoping to wag the dog once more with its itchy, dirty tail. The people thankfully have not given them that chance despite the Congress throwing them a few crumbs. With assets worth a few crores they should be able to bear the thaw over the next 5 winters and then some. 

When this post ends, the elections are over and hopefully we will have a stable government for the next 5 years. 

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Kavi said...

Hopefully. I really hope the next guys give development some hope. Some time and some attention.

I hope they are not toppled by the tail that would wag the body

I hope and pray that the ones that have got to the seat do not go down a wrong route...

Hope springs eternal they say !