Sunday, May 04, 2008

Why Bangalore must vote?

And when I say Bangalore, I mean what Bangalore stands for (see this, from a survey in 1998). The so called Silicon valley, is a little more than a silly valley today. A rather neat article in todays TOI exhorts Bangalore to vote "Only if we vote will we get a better Bangalore". Couldnt find it online though.

The city must vote so that the efforts of some political parties to scuttle development in the city and focus the attention on self aggrandizement in the name of welfare comes to nought. It must vote so that these parties are left doing what they are best at, infighting. It must vote to throw out parties (whose leaders by the way are richer than the richest CEOs in the city and own tons of land in all parts of the city and state after "social justice and welfare" for many years now) who held the city to ransom over the last few years. It must vote because this is the chance that the delimitation exercise gives them to exercise their franchise and speak with their vote. It must vote with one voice and give the mandate to the party which promises development and development only.

It must vote, for every single road dug and left unfinished. It must vote for the road development work ignored over the past few years.

It must vote, for the sad state of electricity in the state. (Bangalore has power cuts nearly every day and each time it rains, the power is switched off. The city incidentally has most of its power delivered via overhead lines and not underground.)

It must vote, for the poor attention to infrastructure - the long pending BMIC project which has been held to ransom, by guess who? And that is just one example.

It must vote, for the sad state of public transport.
It must vote, for the acres of encroached spaces.
It must vote, if the city has to live up to the sobriquet of Silicon valley.

At the end there is no guarantee if anybody will deliver. But this much is clear. That if it is a coalition, some dirty tail will wag the dog, the poop of which is here to see for Bangalore. In the last 5 odd years, so much could have done, yet barely has any progress been made that directly impacts the population here.

So, all you people, go out and vote. Take your time out and speak out for the city, for its survival. Speak out, next Saturday, the 10th of May for the city...

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