Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get rid of those queues

There is a system that lets you apply to Mumbais collegs online. Brilliant. 

Prior to this - and I remember doing this, it was a classic queue system. A long queue. The longer the queue and the more difficult to get the form the more prestigious it was. The thing is, it is not required. Not for the application seeker, not for the college. Online is a lot faster and more efficient.

I cant forget those queues.  You arrived early - as early as possible, sometimes as early as the previous evening and waited and waited and waited. You came stocked with food, at times. Waited for the presiding deity of the place to come out and decide to give out admission forms/kerosene/railway tickets anything. If there was a lunch hour, they coolly and calmly put out a board saying lunch hour or just vanished without a trace while you waited there waiting for a queue to end. They were the god, you were just a lowly species in the food chain. In some places it spawned its own ecosystem - agents who would wait for you or people who could get you a seat or people who served tea while you waited.  To get a school admission there are schools in Bangalore that have a queue system. A queue that can stretch for 3 hours or more. There are queues to distribute uniforms or books or shoes. The students and parents who seek the college form are your customers. Do you treat them like that? It is better to get your queues cleared faster and earn some goodwill. 

Every queue is a waste of productive time.  If you have a queue system and take pride in it, please get rid of it. Almost everything can be moved online these days, luddites... 


Kavi said...

The queue isnt all that bad. Ofcourse the physical side of lugging out in the line cant have anything more remorseful.

But it is better than a free for all with the burliest walking away with your opportunity !! Compare Bangalore bus stands & Mumbai ones and am sure you know what am talking about !!

Neelakantan said...

Well, of course, queues are better than anarchy :) but I was looking at a more civil scenario :)

Completely agree!