Monday, June 30, 2008

Indias pressing need of the hour

is better press, not innovation as this column puts it.

But in recent years and certainly in recent months as the US economy has slipped and slumped, concern has been voiced over it losing its competitive edge, particularly when it comes to innovation.

Ask any company if their Indian units have contributed to Innovation and chances that you will hear a negative answer is close to zero. How do I know this? Because I work in company like that and I talk to others who do.

Now think about your favourite products in India? How many times have they been reinvented? How many times do we admit we misread the market or made a mistake?

I agree we have not in case of infrastructure - definitely not in the case of expressways and pretzels - the two amazing examples put forth in that piece. But we have innovated in pickles (Mothers has a superb sweet lime flavour - try it. Priya has a nice Ginger one.), chips (ever tried Bingo? Mad Angles?). Roads, we have never had and MMS is not interested in it, since he travels by air - so that is granted.

I agree 30 years is a long time. In 30 years, we have innovated - the IT industry is an Indian innovation, the Nano is a complete break in the way automobiles were thought about. Just in case you missed, the Reva is also from India.

Yes, the US is a great country - I think very highly of the nation, but innovation can happen when there are tons of money and it can happen in very subtle ways too. Have you seen that new sugarcane juice contraption at Forum? Or Arvinds eye hospital? Or Yeshasvini?

Mint, I can write that column for you...

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Kavi said...

India brims innovation. For day to day living is not easy when you jostle for that 1/2 an inch extra. Where else would you find (the now cliched) dabbawaalas & such others. Ingenous living with simple solutions to day to day problems is indeed innovation.

The book 'Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid' details many !

Perhaps what ails our innovative minds are

a. Application
b. Communication

Application of inngenuity to larger business solutions and telling the world about it !

Perhaps what we need at this hour is innovation in getting better press !!