Friday, June 13, 2008

Infy and TCS

Its annual report time once again and coincidentally I laid my hands on both the TCS and the Infy report at about the same time. Infy's report this time focuses on talent, while TCS is about 40 years (yes, it started operations when many of us werent even born) of leadership.  (In any case, the Infy report is glossier while the TCS report by its very nature is frugal. Something to read into?)

Both of them foresee a blip on the horizon in the coming years and then I see an article that says collectively SWITCH has only about 2.4% of the global market for IT services. This has gone up from where it was last year (1.9%). So to me, IT/ITES could see more growth in the coming years, China or no China. There will be some shift of work from relatively higher cost service providers to lower cost providers (relatively), but I dont expect second tier companies to be hugely benefited. I also see space for breakthrough low cost innovation here (and TCS touches upon it in their report) in terms of being able to software as a service for SMEs. Will they be able to bill the cat?

Disclosure: I hold an inconsequential (barely double digit) number of shares in both Infy and TCS which is why their Annual reports made their way to my house. I am a fan of TCS in terms of their strategy as regular readers will know. If you think people will read this post and rig prices, you give me a lot more credit than is due. If you are one of those who reads this and buys (or sells) shares, my advice to you is to not believe people like me - my thoughts are interim - never permanent (see header).

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