Saturday, June 07, 2008

A lorry and a traffic jam

See this news report

This trailer in the picture is the trailer that the driver abandoned, pretty much in the middle of a highway and disappeared. When I saw it, it seems like a clear case of overloading. Not sure how the truck pulled it so far (the truck has a MH registration, but it was coming from the South), from wherever it came, but at some point, the driver lost it and decided to do a vanishing act - leading to the situation described in the report. 

Yesterday, this caused a 5 hour jam on a stretch of the outer ring road. If I remember right, on the side of this it is mentioned, apart from a big "Government of India", that it is some sort of autoclave. 

Not that the cleaners are complaining - after all they have a good temporary home. Like all good autoclaves till they are put to the right use, it serves as a home to the cleaners and helps dry their clothes till somebody decides to figure out how to get the autoclave to whoever ordered it.  

Note the clothesline inside the autoclave and the sleeping cleaner. 

Just for the jam that this caused, a few people ought to be arrested and tried...


rishi said...

I'd settle for a hefty fine.

Anonymous said...

In Bangalore, your life includes your experience in landing in the middle of traffic snarls. There is no traffic management here.