Monday, June 23, 2008

Take Risk

You can take it as career advice, but it is more a thought on how to use the time you are in college. 

In short, "Take Risk" it would be. From the time you enter graduation till the time you are done with your studies the big thing that you should do is, take risk.

Why? Because this is your best time, simply put. Once you are in a career, you will never get time like this to do some of the things you want to do or try your hand at. Or worse, if you spend your entire education worrying about the career you will have, it is a worry over a future you have no control on. Use this time wisely in trying your hand at various things that you never did as part of your education so far. 

Now, of course, you can argue that you dont have the time. Coming from someone who has been through this (and others) with an argument that theres "no time", I know for sure its bs. The best time you can have in your life, ever, is when you are studying. There will never be so much time that you will have as you will have when you are studying. 

Now, heres what I mean when I say take risk. 

Want to try your hands on something new? Try it. If you are an engineering student, spend more time in the library, lab and outside to see how technology impacts people. What can you do about it?

For all your science and commerce students - read history. Any history. The history of India. The history of technology. There is a lot of collective knowledge out there. And as a bonus you get to read a real history of India, not the ones that were fed to you through politically clouded lenses. Heres a book for starters. India: A History

Surf the net. And I dont mean social networking sites. Start a blog. Start a website. 

If you are studying for an MBA in finance, try out a marketing project and vice versa. Organize festivals and events. Try to get people together for a cause. Try out, for it when you will figure out the skills you have. Far too many people in an MBA or engineering treat it as just another college course where as if you treat it as an opportunity to build skills that you will use in the real world, it is far more rewarding. 

Try starting a business - on a shoestring budget. I know many who have found their careers, calling and talent this way. Treat it as a special project. Think small, low impact, prototype. If it succeeds, great; if it doesnt, you have a great learning on your hand. In any case most people are going to take the standard job route. Try your hand at entrepreneurship. Show your potential employers how you have used your time in college. Sure, nobody does that, but the fact that you are doing it would interest employers. Everybody wants people who can take initiative. What better time to do it than now? Who knows, you might end up as an entrepreneur instead of with a job!


Anonymous said...

Well said. College is the best place to try out new things. But unfortunately these days more and more of our young generation are worried and more focused on jobs and placements even before they start their course. In spite of the fact that the job opportunities have actually increased over the last few years the entrepreneurship skills have coming down. Blame our education system ?

Kavi said...

This by far is one of your best posts ! Youngsters need passages like this to reflect. To think about possibilities.

If our young men & women come out of college with intact or even improved curiosity about everything around them, life will be so very welcoming!

I remember Steve Jobs saying 'stay hungry, stay excited'. That sums it very well !

Anonymous said...

good post...

btw, if you might be interested, the domain is up for grabs..

neelakantan said...

Thanks Kavi.

Domain, well, not for now. I need more content and a good developer :)

Arul said...

Yes, of course. Everyone should have the awareness to spend the time in graduation time. Its much related to the career that you deserved. It would be more helpful when you are going to hire a job.

omkar said...

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