Monday, July 21, 2008

14 lakh for a 3 door

Car. Not plane. Fiat hopes that a 14 lakh, 3 door compact will revive its image in India. Revive its image yes. For better, no.

At 14 lakh, I can get one Innova and a Santro. Thats 10 doors. And I get 3? Bah. Try selling the car for 4-6 lakhs and then see the image revive for the better.


Kavi said...

When will Fiat ever get its act straight in India !?!?

Am waiting for that day !

ggop said...

Fiat is deluded and is pricing it like a BMW 3 series.
I can't believe they are selling the Cinquecento for so much here. Anyone in the EU will laugh if there are takers.