Friday, July 11, 2008

Daggers drawn: IT

A ho-hum piece from BW in ET, accuses the IT industry of the usual things that get thrown at them.

As for those hundreds of millionaires and billionaires that the listing of these professionally founded and run IT companies has created? No replication of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation here. No great institutes built. No institutions built - no school of IT, no business school, no major innovation labs. Some insignificant spending of a bit of those billions somewhere - but where is it visible? Maybe to a few insiders in Bangalore - but otherwise, invisible.

I do agree on the institutions, business schools, labs bit. 

Other Indians have, however, taken note of this lacuna. India’s IT industry, says one, ” is creating a gated community within India. They use their clout to influence national politics, and to keep their interests safe.” Like the rupee depreciation. He complains that though they have been awarded high civilian honours, they put little back into the community, indeed keep themselves insulated from it, in gated intellectual communities.

Hmm...I would like know who those other Indians are and how many jobs they created. Gated communities. Clout to influence national politics. Yeah right.

Remember that Microsoft, has a revenue of some 51 bn dollars. The IT industry in India by comparison, checks in at 36 bn dollars. (slightly dated). But then again, apples are oranges, oranges are apples.  Clearly for some, efforts like The Infosys Foundation or the Azim Premji foundation are invisible. Bookmark this for perhaps a longer post some other time. 

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