Thursday, July 31, 2008

From cars to mobility

I like the sound of this piece. Ford, if it gets it right can capture a goldmine of a market.

A crack team fleshing out Ford’s ‘blue ocean strategy’ describes the business that will take Ford to the next level as ‘New Mobility’. It is grounded in the tenets of sustainable mobility, where the accent is on access, equity, affordability, and the avoidance of disruptions in societal, environmental and economic well-being. New mobility rests on the edifice of public transportation or mass transit.

The Ford gameplan is to mutate into an ‘integrator’ of mobility hub networks; from being a product-centric to a service-oriented company; from being a purveyor of vehicles to a provider of mobility solutions to expanding cities across the world.

I wonder why Tatas is not on this, especially after the Indore city bus story.

Mass transit is the future. I also think walk to work and living in "walkable" and "bikeable" communities is another idea waiting to be exploited.

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SVA Search said...

Sounds like an interesting move from Ford ...Given how they are doin right now, they definitely need to come up with some big plan to stay afloat in the market