Thursday, July 03, 2008

How do you get inside?

The three year old has decided that his education is complete after his "graduation" from play school. Half asleep, half awake, his first sentence each day is "I dont want to go to school" or not so subtle variations of it. His fervent wish is that he be allowed to stay at home each day and play. "I dont want a one day chutti, I want every day chutti."

Given the above scenario, our marketing machine has been working overtime. On the importance of going to school, of learning to read, on how school is essential for him to become any of the things he loves (which changes perpetually - but for now it is a pilot or an aeroplane designer or a toy designer or a ship captain).

And today we visited a dentist - which is part of a clinic facility and happened to have a lab of some sort. So, as we walked past it, I told him, "Stand on your toes and see. This is a lab"

He looked through the glass window. As we walked away, he asked, "How can you go inside?"

The marketing machine antennae picked up the cue and started running. "Well, you complete school and college and you become a scientist/pathologist and then you can go in. Got it?"

Silence for a minute.

And I asked him "Yes?"

"But appa, where is the door?


Kavi said...


In the world of Gates closing and new windows opening, the doors survive !!

Lovely !

Rohit said...

Child is the Father of Man, eh?

Preetha Nair said...

treasure those questions- for the time will soon fly by... :)
So kidoz started school eh...nice :):)

Nitin said...


The problem with most marketing machines is that they are interested in selling the product rather than understanding the customer's immediate needs. Customers need instant gratification, and are not really enthused by anything longer term than say, 5 minutes...

The marketing machine has to adapt. Otherwise the customer will show the marketers the door :-)

Neelakantan said...

True Rohit, child is indeed the father of man. I am learning it each day.

Nitin, perfectly said...

purple pitara said...

for once Mr. cool dad would have been speechless :) - chill maadi - your little one will discover things in his own pace - just like u did!