Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ipods, mobile phones

Make that walkmans to mobile phones. Prior to the walkman, a radio or a cassette player was a social device - one that was owned by a family - in general. With the arrival of the walkman, ownership multiplied since it was, well, owned by one person. Ditto the phone. There was one phone per family. Once the mobile phone came along, it became a personal thing. So where if you had a phone in a family, now you have multiple phones - one per family member. (With mobile phones, the gaming market is also poised for a similar transformation though this argument can be stretched in many ways.)

The laptop versus desktop is also going in the same direction, as is Video viewing through the ipod. Ditto for the Kindle. Books which otherwise can be shared, will become device specific so you cant really share the device can you? 

Slowly, there are two sets of devices - one social and one personal. And interestingly with the oil price issue the car which was becoming personal will become more of a social device while others, like music devices increasingly take on personal meanings. 

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Kavi said...

Our behaviour evolves as our resouces dissolve ! Am talking of fuel ! I guess it is a function of resources. So,if you have one ipod, perhaps the next upgrade will have you craving for more !

We have a large inhabitant base in the world. And they need to survive well. They need jobs. And one such job is to create new wants and help 'evolve' !

Hmm ! Evolution !