Friday, July 25, 2008

Net users go up

Gasp, what is the world coming to - Internet users jumped 27% in May. Just 6 odd months back, there was a minor kerfuffle on how internet users in India were going down. Was it summer and people had time on their hands (esp the vacation population)? Was it too hot and hence people were at home? Dont bother.

Internet usage in India (and around the world) will keep going up for a long time to come. How the net is accessed may fundamentally change both from a purpose and device standpoint (and the two might be interdependent). So, you might access the net from a comp when you are working, surfing or at leisure. While the mobile might be the device you access the net (duh!) when you are on the move and require quick bytes of information related to where you are - the connect between the real and virtual world if you will.

Related, but not too much -crack down on cybercafes, but does that solve the problem? It would be better to use them well...

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Dhruva said...

It has got to be summer vacation!!