Friday, July 11, 2008

Never forget the Mumbai blasts

True there have been many of them, but the 7/11 train bombings stands out as the most recent and perhaps most gruesome and sinister. As we reach the second anniversary, Offstumped puts out a wonderful post comparing 4 cities and how they responded to terror attacks. 187 hardworking innocent people died (1 more got added recently - 188).

Of course Mumbai stands out in the collective bungling and lack of progress. Of course there are vote bank considerations stupid. Of course, we hope that there will be no terrorist attack anywhere, even as the last one in Jaipur left the Prime Minister and others mouthing the same inanities.

2 years on, there is a plan ( yet another one) to create an intelligence cadre and what not, but no progress to make the commuters secure. On the trial itself:

Asked about the progress of the 7/11 trial, Roy said, “The case has been chargesheeted and the trial had begun. However, after some of the accused filed an application, the trial has been stayed by the Supreme Court. However, the matter is to come up for hearing very soon.”

Thirteen people have been arrested and charged under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) in connection with the blasts.

But the Supreme Court stayed the trial in March as a Bench agreed to examine the constitutional validity of a specific part of MCOCA that refers to “insurgency” after it was raised by Zameer Ahmed Latifur Rehman, one of the 13 accused.

With progress like this and no anti-terror law, we can continue to count dead bodies and give templated assurances that we will continue to fight terror.

Never forget the Mumbai blasts...


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Kavi said...

It does get frustrating ! The spirit of the city lives on !

arun said...

Death due to blasts are just media hype. Only very few die due to terrorism...