Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pavlovian response, nursery version

As the little one goes to Nursery, a thought from my own nursery (kindergarten) days comes to mind. During my nursery days, there was a curious phrase that the teacher used. Whenever it came, I knew we had to take every book in our bag and place it on the desk.

The phrase went something like this "tekotiyurbux". It was only some 3 years later in First grade that I realized that it was, really, Take out your books.

Perhaps thats how we learn language, as some sort of a Pavlovian response - atleast to begin with.

Update: After seeing Ushas comment, I remembered another one. Pin drop silence. When that was said the whole class went into an eerie uncomfortable silence. For a long time I thought it was a special type of silence where the teacher would drop a pin and it would drop silently.

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usha said...

it just reminded me of another most used phrase in kg: 'put down your head'.
and the other one a primary school teacher says as soon as she walks in: 'close your text books' n we all used to get our li'l minds ready for the most dreaded!