Thursday, July 24, 2008

Power, Diesel and domino effect

Bangalore (and Karnataka) are facing a grim power situation thanks to the lower than expected monsoon. But this does not faze most people here. Why? Most people have generators, inverters (Karnataka never had a very good power situation) and what not built into their homes and offices. But generators require diesel, right? So, the worsening power situation means that people have to use power from generators leading to a demand in diesel and a situation of diesel shortage.

Where from here? Most cabs here run on diesel, so companies have resorted to reducing the number of trips their cabs make. That means employees need to fend for themselves. Given the situation of public transport here, rickshaw drivers will make merry. Also, right now, petrol stocks look ok, but if the diesel powered tankers do not have diesel, what gives?


Rangachari Anand said...

Thanks for posting this. My own feeling is that people are far too sanguine about the situation. Unless solar power is deployed on a large scale basis, the situation will become dire soon.

Kavi said...

The butterfly effect !!

Another 9 crores. Another set of abstentions. Another trust vote. Another election....

Where are we headed >