Thursday, July 31, 2008

Terror in India

The blasts have come and gone and there will be many more. Many more lives will be taken, until imaginary grievances are resolved. The government, will no doubt try to resolve imaginary grievances, since they are more pertinent than real ones, on the ground.

But the common man on the ground is helpless. Many think that their gods will take care of them. There are others who simply believe that it will not happen to them. There are others who hope that it will not happen to them. As I travelled in a bus, I saw a man carrying a bag and I looked into it. He saw me looking and smiled - he realized what I was thinking.

Is there something that we can do to protect ourselves? I think there are a few things.
  • CCTVs may be a while before they come, but with the proliferation of mobile cameras, we can take a picture of every suspicious object, person that we come across.
  • Shop owners could be asked to take a picture of every person who makes a suspicious purchase - either covertly or overtly.
  • When you travel, observe - observe very well.
What can the government do? Like it says in The Tipping Point, increase police vigilance overall. Get all new rentals to be approved by the police station. These chaps are bound to commit mistakes - like driving without a licence, forged documents, signal jumping, getting into altercations, talking in a foreign tongue. Once in a while, you will net a big fish. Get thorough in checking buses, trains, checkposts.

They are out there waiting for you to drop your guard...

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