Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Abhinav wins gold....India ?

Enough has been said and written about Abhinav Bindra's performance.

One word - brilliant performance and sheer hard work. But what about India? All sloth?
Thanks to a dad who did not mind spending money on him - the entire credit for Abhinav goes to their family. Zero credit to India.

The shooting ranges in India are not Olympic standards, by and large. Abhinav had his own in his palatial house. India as a country still won't care to upgrade. India may not know (or care) how to produce an Olympic medal winning individual, but we do have an Olympic medal winning template - cash awards, free land, free whatever !!!

Pray where is hockey? India's national game?

For me Abhinav won and India lost. There will be many more Abhinavs, Sachins, Rajyavardhans, Leanders out there who may never make it because they dont exist in the eyes of the officialdom...

Heres what the man himself says...

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