Thursday, August 07, 2008

Do you know what you are looking for?

A few days after the blasts here, everybody checks everything. Car boots, bags, luggage, i-cards everything...

Pictured here is a check going on at the Inter state bus station. There is nothing wrong in checking, but do these guys know what they are looking for?

The bombs of these days do not look like the red, blue sticks with an alarm clock on them - the kind we have seen in many Hindi movies. Have they been trained on what they need to look for? 

I know that this is a simple deterrent, but still...

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Anonymous said...

Just check out how UTV is exploiting serial blasts to drive traffic to their site.
The screenshot was taken on August 7th, several days after the serial blasts in Bangalore, Ahemdabad.

When I clicked on it, there was no news about Blasts, but the regular business news on their site.