Saturday, August 02, 2008

Internal insecurity

A great piece by Shekhar Gupta of IE.

Nuggets (emphasis mine):

These four and half years are the worst in India’s history of fighting terrorism. Surely somebody in the UPA will bring out statistics to show that overall deaths were more in some other regime’s five years. But this is not just about numbers. It is a spectacular four and a half years of mayhem when not one terrorist has been caught, not one major case solved.

...It said, between January 2004 and March 2007, India had lost 3,674 lives to terrorism, second only to Iraq.

...And if it is not guilty of communalising our internal security policy, how does it explain sitting on special anti-terror laws in all BJP-run states when exactly similar ones have been passed for the Congress states?

Surely no government can ensure no terror attack would ever happen. But it has to be seen to be trying, fighting, and being even-handed. This government fails on all three counts so far...

As Churumuri says, 96 people a month for 38 months...

Now you know what you get when you vote for the hand, you get a stinging slap with the same hand.

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