Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympics and IIT

Got this via Aadisht, on how coaching classes are skewing the IIT results which has prompted the IITs to change their procedure.

Nothing new about it; this is a topic that has been discussed to death for a while now. Are the classes promoting talent or making muggus out of talent or beating the system.

But in the light of the Olympics, this is a pertinent question. Are the sports academies in India and abroad gaming the Olympics system? The obvious answer there is they are not. So, if the answer there is no, why is the answer to the coaching classes yes?

If the debate is about rich and poor, surely, richer countries in general get more medals - what is wrong with that?

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Anonymous said...

agree that the JEE or any other entrance examination for that matter, measures the pattern recognition and trainable qualities to some extent. but what is the alternative ? the rich would always find ways to beat the system.