Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After words, candlelight

A candlelight protest against terror in Delhi. The terrorists nightmare - candles. With all due apologies to those who participated in it, please note that it is a pointless exercise. As pointless as Shivaraj Patils statements

Not only is it a waste of candle that can be used during the umpteen powercuts, the terrorists will not see any light. I mean, on the one hand is an ideology that wants them to wage war against unbelievers supported by a big stash of money and on the other hand is peace, huh?

1 comment:

AGworld said...

The candle Dhimmis return.

I pray to the candle gods that these dhimmis get preferentially vapourised by terrorist bombs.

However, since the candle god is a heathen god -- and not The One True God, our wishes wont be answered.

We're stuck with them, alas.