Saturday, September 20, 2008

Are you an auto driver?

Do you like the Bangalore autowallah? The answer is an obvious no. The only autowallahs worth any respect are the Mumbai autowallahs, but that is a separate point.

The next question is, Are you like an autowallah - the Bangalore variety? Is your business like the autowallah? No, obviously not, I can hear you say. Attitude wise? Are you an autowallah? Heres a list:

Do you routinely send your customers back disappointed ?
Do your customers not feel like coming back to you?
Do you overpromise and under deliver?
Do you do your task grudgingly?
At the end of it, does the customer want to come back to you or run away from you?
Do you ask your customer for one and a half? (I mean, not obviously, but for every little thing, do you charge your customer?)
Do you take your customer where she wants to go or do you want the customer to come whereever you are going?
When the customer needs you most, do you just disapparate?

Thoughts that came to my mind, almost simultaneously, as I saw yet another customer fight with a rickshaw driver on the Bangalore street and reminded of my latest interaction with  a few service providers.

Our Hindustan Petroleum gas agency creates newer rules each time we try to book a cylinder - much like the autodriver asks for 10 rupees for every turn and their customer service is the regular black hole. Fill out a big form and wait. The last thought was because we are trying to repair our Kenstar water purifier and their website is down and customer service does not seem to exist. Then our BSNL Dataone connection. Two days in the last week, it was down. Customer service said they are helpless. Then another day it was slower than a Bangalore traffic signal, but no respite. 

All autowallahs of a different nature

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