Monday, September 22, 2008

The curse of roads?

Bangalore has a lot of roads that pass through localities which were villages once upon a time (and many still are). As traffic increases, people use these older roads. The moment they are tarred and smoothened, cars, lorries and everything (including their own) zip around these villages - obviously inconveniencing them. And they respond in kind by digging up roads, placing stones on the roads, building speedbreakers and the like. 

Many of Bangalores roads are being widened today. But it is useless as far as traffic goes because the police here hardly books anybody. One way rules are flouted, people drive over footpaths, vehicles take U-turns over medians, anybody can build a ramp outside their place if they bribe the local chap, parking is haphazard in most places - I can write 4 years worth of posts only on traffic here. Now in a lot places traffic signals are being installed - otherwise many places just have police to direct the traffic and obviously, with half a cop per intersection it is just not enough. People need to follow rules - gentle persuasion has not worked in Bangalore - all thsoe loudspeakers are useless. Rules need to be enforced with heavy fines. Unless that happens, more roads for a traffic sense less population is a complete waste of resources. 

It is not hard to see why Bihar rejected development for so long. 

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