Saturday, September 27, 2008

How not to organize a sale

Or how to lose customers and enrage people. You turn up at a sale expecting discounts - well no, you happen to be at a place to buy stuff and it turns out that the place had advertised a huge sale.

50% off sale - the banners screamed, the advertisements shouted. And then you figure when you reach the shop that it is not 50% off at all, it is an upto 50% off sale (yes, yes, my mistake). And then you figure out that there are very few things that are 50% off and those which are 50% off are all old items, stuff which did not get sold which they badly need to dispose. Most All of the good things are available at the exact same price as they were available before the sale.

Landmark, please dont advertise this sale the next time - many stores offer a regular 20% off an all books even without a "sale". Even the little customer loyalty you have will vanish...


Arif Vakil said...

Just out of curiosity, what would you do if you were in Landmark's place?

Neelakantan said...

Brilliant question :)

In a nutshell I would follow Seth Godins mantra - thats the short answer, the long answer - probably a post! Thanks for asking!