Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How to capture the internet

Capturing the internet is a dream companies have. Many company wants to capture the eyeballs all over the net and get it to their doorstep. Get all those visitors to their one web site? How to go about it? How do you build that one site which will fulfil the aspiration of every jobless and expert and collegian and senior citizen? Eureka! Provide everything that the web provides under one umbrella website.

Now, dont get me wrong. I dont mean that newcomers cant capture the web, but the methods cannot be "same old", "same old". This is true everywhere, but especially in case of the internet.

So, heres case in point 1. See the picture, as CNN-IBN attempts to capture the web by giving you a mail id, all the videos and games, so you dont wander around the web and stick to what they have to offer? Nice eh?

Not. It is as muddle headed as trying to own Bollywood, or creating an India based SN or offering a mail id on your gaming portal. Trying to be everything for everybody and who better than Seth to explain it, leads you nowhere.

And on the other hand, if you follow the process, the web might well be yours. Read this and mull over it. Google Chrome. Eureka. CNN-IBN may want to launch their own browser...

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