Monday, September 22, 2008

Look alike

The sight of the look alike container at a barber shop recently, got me thinking. Once a brand gains prominence, other local brands imitate the packaging, container and make it look like the real brand. A fake brand is ready and many customers, especially if they are illiterate, cannot make out the difference. Many a time if you are not alert, even an educated person can be fooled. 

For an illiterate person, the way to identify the brand is the colour of the brand, shape of the container or some unique aspect. Infact, some marketeers have tried to emphasize the colour of their brand to aid localese. By duplicating this, the fake brand gets sold - with the complicity shopkeeper - usually for better margins. 

Thats how in the market you find Baba shoes, Tala salt, Raymona suitings and the like. 

The amazing thing is also how they locate their genuine brand. In this case for instance the barber looks for the logo of Marico on the lid - which for some reason the faker has not faked. He also showed me a real Gilette and a fake Gilette and I could not figure out the difference. It turns out the real one has a hologram, while the fake one does not. The fake one is probably a used container filled with foamy stuff - it smells nearly the same too - though he says it is different and he can figure out the difference. 

Now to complete the fakery, the prices are similar to the brand - so any suspicion of it being "local" disappears (thats where the margin trickery comes in, I guess).

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Nikhil Narayanan said...

I saw this brand in a Bangalore barber shop some days back :)

I saw "Demo Version License Expired " and the same message as header in an AXIS bank ATM in Pune. Could not take a pic.
The ATM was working though.