Sunday, September 14, 2008

The newest weapon in the war on terror

After the latest serial blasts, taking a cue from the United States', new weapon, the government of India has decided to go after the perpeterators of terror. The weapon, newly acquired, boasting of new capabilities apologies is a statement. This statement is a modification of the previous ones which have been successful in relieving quite a few Indian citizens of their right to exist. The statement replaces the law which having been proved ineffectual in protecting terrorists lives was repealed. (On a related note, many sections of the IPC will be repealed, since they have also proved ineffectual and replaced with similar statements.)

The statement consisting of 135 nuclear armed army divisions words rained on the attackers yesterday late in the evening. Future terror attacks have been averted thanks to the statement which is a strong mix of old words and a terror template. The government was able to ready the statement at short notice after changing dates, place and number of victims. Terrorists have had sleepless nights based on the strong words used in the template. It made no mention of sleepless nights for anybody in the highest echelons both within and outside the government. 

The newest statement coming after about 1500 deaths and about a 100 blasts in the last 5 years after the last one issued six weeks ago is expected to have been the reason for the lull for six weeks. For six weeks, we stopped the terrorists in their tracks, claimed the spokesperson in New Delhi. They were aimed at the VIPs, he continued, but luckily, only a few honest citizens were killed in broad daylight. The government announced the setting up of a new wing of commandos this time to guard the VIPs who would stop to bathe at waterfalls.

Following this the government has initiated action on the Wi-Fi network provider, the keyboard manufacturer, the internet service provider and the mail account provider for aiding and abetting terror. 

An estimated 400 people of all religions have been arrested. No jihadis were arrested, since they ostensibly have no religion.

Jokes apart, it is a war that the government refused to acknowledge, much less fight. The Operation BAD  has been accomplished, they tell us - What if it was Operation Badnaam? or Ahmedabad? Nothing. Just wait, after all it is death by probability...


Anonymous said...

US walks the talk, we talk the talk...

Kavi said...

Templatised fighting of terror is terrifying. Especially when done with words only ~

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