Sunday, September 28, 2008

Parallel universes

Yet another TV reality show, announced mother. And I, who last watched TV during IPL, wave it off. Did you see that news item, goes a discussion at the lunch table and I have no clue something like that was ever aired. The TV universe, cinema universe for some and the internet universe for me. This triggered off the thought that we all live in one universe/multiverse, but at the same time most of us live in our own universe. 

This happened last night as a bunch of us friends trooped off a 24 hour coffee shop to find a set of people who "exist in another universe". So many such parallel universes exist, our work, our education - our own echo chamber. When it intersects, suddenly we become aware of the existence of a different universe and then once that is gone, we go back, happy, to our own universe.

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