Friday, September 19, 2008


On the high seas? In these days of modernity? Yes. And the Indian Navy wants a nod to pursue them on the high seas. Hot pursuit on the high seas? Sure.

So I googled to find out. Who are these pirates? Are they same Jolly Roger flying, rum drinking pirates? Or are they a mere euphemism for something else?

The Gulf of Somalia seems to be affected a lot. From this article

African waters account for 56% of all pirate attacks, spiking from 27 attacks in the first half of 2005 to 64 attacks since January. Meanwhile, pirate attacks elsewhere are dropping, reports the Piracy Reporting Center, a Malaysian-based group that monitors attacks for the bureau.

Hmm, so who are they? Some trawling brought to me something not very obvious from the above articles.  This article, free preview only, from Foreign Affairs, Terrorism goes to sea. The full article here, is enlightening.

Very interesting. A lot of dots that seem to point at just one thing...

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